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ST Dupont Maintenance Kit Ligne 2 Lighter is a maintenance kit and includes:

1 x fabric bag to store the kit
1 x brush
1 x pack of flints
1 x bottle of 30ml gas
1 x lighter tool to change the flint
1 x cleaning cloth

Step 1:

To get your ST Dupont To keep the lighter looking new, buff it with a soft cloth.
Never use solvent-based polishing agents!
Use a special silver cleaning cloth for all silver plated parts, which can be found in the accessory kit.
Clean all natural lacquered surfaces such as spectacle lenses or jewelery by breathing on them and wiping them off with a soft cloth. The varnish is practically impermeable to acid and water. It is exceptionally tough and highly resistant to impact, wear and scratches.
Use the silk brush to clean the metal parts of your lighter, especially the slide.

Step 2:

Filling the lighter:
Use only ST Dupont gas to fill your lighter.
Soft or Yellow Flame.
For lighters that require yellow gas cartridges. 1. Hold the lighter vertically, pointing down
2. Loosen screw A
3. Empty the tank by pressing the valve head (eg with the help of a ballpoint pen)
4. Screw the gas cartridge very tightly, upside down, into the bottom of the filling valve. Gently press the cartridge down for five seconds to ensure the lighter is properly filled.
Repeat this process twice. Once this process is complete, quickly unscrew the gas cartridge.

Perform this work away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other flammable sources.

Please note:

For lighters that are refilled with blue or red gas cartridges, empty the tank and place the cartridge directly into the filler valve. Gently press this against the floor, hold for five seconds and repeat the process.
These gas cartridges can be used multiple times to fill the tank.

Step 3:

The ignition quality depends on the setting. If your lighter does not burn properly, adjust the setting using the system at the bottom of your lighter.


The adjustment screw is located at the bottom of the lighter. To increase the flame, turn the screw in the + direction.
To decrease the flame, turn towards -.
Remember, the bigger the flame, the quicker the gas will be depleted. As long as the lid is open, gas escapes.

We would like to inform you that from April 1st, 2017 all new ST Dupont lighters will be shipped without gas.

Please note that a user manual in 10 languages, attached here, is included in the product packaging to explain the process of the first refill.

Step 4:

Your lighter contains one flint in use and one in reserve.
1- To change the flint: press down pin D with your fingernail; the sled slides back.
2- By gently pushing back, remove the slide G from the lighter. (except for line 1)
3- Remove the spare flint from its compartment (A) by turning the lighter upside down. Please hold the friction wheel (M) with one finger.
4- Place the flint in the channel and press the end against the grater wheel.

Pin D is returned to its original position.
To make it easier for you, you can use the tool included in the set to press down the PIN D. To reinsert the slide, please use the concave side of the tool.

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Dupont – 088148V

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